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Olivia Rotenberg

Olivia Rotenberg

published 4 articles, since 2014

Tags: Reebok, ice hockey, CrossFit, Corporate Communication, Legal Studies

Graduating from Bowdoin College in May 2014 with a Government and Legal Studies degree, often people look at me funny when I tell them I work at Reebok in the Global Corporate Communications Department. How did I make the jump from studying International Relations—writing a thesis on US roadblocks in fighting international terrorism, to navigating the world of public relations for a global fitness brand?

I think that’s the beauty of working for Reebok. It’s a dynamic company that seeks out employees who stand for the brand— who live the Reebok Delta in ways that a resume could never show. Growing up in Minnesota and playing ice hockey throughout childhood, high school and college, I developed a love and passion for fitness that is only enhanced by the community here at Reebok. Since beginning my new position, I have taken up CrossFit, tried spin classes and immersed myself in the world of corporate communications, pushing both my intellectual and physical limits each and every day. Being a part of the Reebok brand is more than a job, it’s a unique community, and a way of life.