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Welcome to the adidas group blog

This blog's objective is to give you personal insights into our business in sports.

Frank Thomas (Moderator)

Frank Thomas (Moderator)

published 55 articles, since 2011

Tags: Corporate PR, Blog, Moderator, Social Media, Sports, Sport Sciences

As a member of the Corporate PR team and one of this blog’s moderators I am looking forward to have a chat with you guys. For me working with the adidas Group feels like the perfect fit and a dream at the same time. This is because I studied Sports Sciences with a focus on “media and communications” at the Technical University of Munich and due to my high interest in all kind of sport matters (on and off the pitch). I started to work with adidas back in 2008 as an intern of the adidas Brand PR team. Apparently I did well enough to get hired as a trainee for Reebok Brand PR afterwards. The next step was to become a member of the Corporate Communication team. One of my latest projects has been to develop the concept for this blog and bringing it to life. Doing so feels just the same as it felt to go all the way to receive this opportunity: it asked for a lot of dedication and persistency but gave me heaps of good experiences and a truck load of fun, too.