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There are hundreds of people in the world that have a similar job title to me. Ok, not the exact title as stated above, although being a researcher/sourcer for the Global Search Team DOES mean I’m constantly seeking (re:stalking) the best talent in the market.

“It’s my job and it’s pretty interesting to say the least. But beyond the “headhunting” aspect of my role, what sets my position apart from all the hundreds of others of researchers out there is the culture and environment that I am immersed in.” Cindy Zhou, Talent Acquisition

I work with a team called Global Search. We are a recruiting function that specializes in filling executive-level and business-critical roles as well as housing competitive intelligence. Being an extremely new function, this team is in constant start-up mode, continuously creating and defining who we are and what we do. We not only operate under the guiding principles of speed and innovation, but also have a scope untethered by factors such as geography and function. Altogether, this makes for an environment and a role that is truly dynamic.

Let me give you some more insights into our work so you’ll be able to decide whether or not you want to search for similar opportunities by clicking the link at the end of the article. So off we go…

Variety keeps you from standing still

August marks the three-month mark for me as a researcher/sourcer and I have never felt more on my toes. One week could be focused on researching contemporary and streetwear fashion brands in search of a designer for the Originals team. The following week could do a complete 180 and be focused on researching mechatronics, robotics and composite materials for a Speed Factory position.

“To say the least, my job is an endless stream of learning, filtering, and communicating the most pertinent information in order to recruit faster, better, and smarter.” Cindy Zhou, Talent Acquisition

It’s all about the human touch

But it doesn’t just end there. With all this new knowledge in hand, I also get to help strategize and develop best practices for sourcing the most complex products on earth – PEOPLE. My boss always says we have the distinct honor of marketing “the most unpredictable product on the market. Unlike shoes, people don’t look the same after being left on the showroom floor”. This being the case, working with people means a number of interesting twists and turns as we evaluate their candidacy for a position with the adidas Group.

Stay curious, think critically and be inventive

Being relatively new to the world of recruiting, I see things with a different lens and am constantly experimenting with new workflows, tools, and communication styles to optimize the recruiting experience. Whether it’s presenting candidates to hiring managers in more engaging formats, digging deeper into LinkedIn analytics, or using Google docs to collaborate in real-time, it is my responsibility to stay curious, think critically, and continuously try to reimagine how we work within recruiting. By constantly pushing these limits, we can better attract the world’s best talent to help adidas win the market.

Create the new

Perhaps one of the most intriguing parts of my role within Global Search is developing our competitive intelligence competency. Competitive intelligence essentially means learning information about other companies, industries, and best practices, and leveraging that knowledge to help reach our goals. As we are building this competency, I personally have the opportunity to work with external partners, import competitor data into our systems, build out organizational maps, request various reports, and share the information with the greater recruiting organization. Building a competency from scratch is scary yet exciting. We are still a long way from a refined product but even so, it is an amazing experience getting to create the new every day.

The rest of my time is dedicated to sporadic projects. You might see me filming and editing a video for Global Search, event planning, building out web pages, writing go-to-market plans, or beta-testing new tools. There is definitely no typical day in the life.

If you haven’t noticed by now, this role isn’t defined by its name, but rather by the culture of Global Search. This role is about trying new things, being intellectually curious, bringing in best practices from other industries, learning from mistakes, and doing it together, as the Global Search team.

Is this a role for you? Or are you in general interested in a career in the sporting goods industry? Then you should check out our career site: