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At the adidas Group, we believe that sport has the power to change lives.

A proof in point is our company GYM which we opened with a bang about a year ago. Today, we have over 2,000 active members, most of them working out at the GYM at least 2-3 times per week.

Almost 11,000 people have joined our GYM courses since. That’s more than 300 per week or 60 a day.

The facility is also used as an event location either for customer presentations and shootings or team-building activities.

  • Our employee-led Women Networking group for example organized an event at the GYM to combine sports, networking and business.
  • Some departments started to have regular team-workouts at the GYM to become an even more united group

Have we achieved our goal?

In my GYM opening blog post back then, I talked about how our goal was to create a place where you can do sports, have fun and meet new people – a place for health AND fitness.

Looking back I can definitely say that we’ve all been immersed in fitness fever ever since the grand opening: the GYM is now the central hub for a healthy and sustainable community here at our Headquarters.

My telling you that we achieved our goal is one thing. It’s much more powerful to read the comments our colleagues and customers shared with us:

„I’m using the GYM especially for courses in winter time. In summer, I prefer to use the training facilities we offer outside. I love having all courses in one place now and enjoy the variety of offers very much. Apart from my weekly sports program I’ve joined the Women’s Networking Group event which was great.” Maike Thumel, Senior Project Manager, Global Brands – Marketing

„I regularly use the GYM to test and stretch my physical limits and to spend time with colleagues and friends. The facility offers a wonderful opportunity to be active and to lead a healthy lifestyle.” Martin Paraschkevov, Senior Solution Architect – IT

“I’m very happy about this great opportunity the Group grants us employees. The GYM is a great help for me to improve my stability, strength and movability. It’s definitely a great place for working out. “ Thomas Martin – Operations

 “I have never seen a gym that offers such a variety of newest training methods in one facility! CrossFit, EXOS, Les Mills… Not to mention the always nice and friendly staff!” Fabian Schlegel  – IT

“I work at the facility. People here constantly inspire us with their passion and love for sports. It’s incredible to see so many GYM members working out every single day. They join progression classes, try out new equipment or just one of our healthy smoothies. For us, it´s actually not work but fun! You get so much great energy and motivation that you spend more time in here than at home. Thanks to all of our members for creating this fantastic atmosphere.”  Ariane Reimer, Assistant GYM Manager

As you can see, this place is more than just a GYM.

It’s a space for socializing, building a strong team and for creating moments that matter.