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Everything we do is rooted in sports and  the launch of our new strategic business plan “creating the new” was the perfect proof of that. I happened to be part of the project team responsible for creating communication around ‘creating the new’, and it was pretty hectic.

On Wednesday this week, our CEO Herbert Hainer and his team invited a group of lucky 100 employees to join the live presentation of our new strategy from the adidas sports science lab. Meanwhile, thousands of employees from Herzo, all across Europe and Canada gathered to join the live stream of the presentation. All in all, it was broadcasted to over 60 locations globally.

There not many companies in the world that allows you to combine sport with work in such fantastic way as adidas.
Not many companies in the world that allow you to combine sport with work in such fantastic way as adidas.

What we heard, was a business strategy primarily founded on one mindset, three choices and the belief that sport has the power to change lives. The mindset that sets the ground for everything we do is “creating the new”. It challenges us to step outside of our routines and be curious. Roland Auschel, Glenn Bennett and Eric Liedtke spoke passionately on how our three choices of “Cities”, “Speed” and “Open source” will be the true game changers. In addition, Karen Parkin introduced “The People Strategy”, which puts our employees, their needs health and general well-being in the center of everything we do.

At the end of the presentation, Herbert Hainer drove the key message home by asking everybody not to return to their desks, but instead go out and do some sports. Honestly, the ‘adi guys and girls’ don’t need any persuading to do so! Sport is in our DNA.

Being part of the Corporate Communication team, of course I was keen to gathering some feedback from my colleagues on both, the strategy and the sports event.

Here are few testimonials:

“It was an amazing experience to have the chance to watch the ‘creating the new’ presentation live! Seeing the Executive Board members on stage talking passionately about our future makes me really excited to be part of it! But the highlight for me was meeting Per Mertesacker, reigning football world champion, on the roof of our carpark building!  This can only happen in adidas.“ 

Frederika Fischer, Group Finance

Through sports I’ve learnt that the biggest obstacles are the ones we create ourselves.
Through sports I’ve learnt that the biggest obstacles are the ones we create ourselves – Nancy Alarcon

“To see Mr. Hainer and the Board team on stage is always motivating and inspiring and it was great to hear we’ll be focusing even more on our sport roots and on being closest to the consumers. I am super passionate about our brand, and love working in a company where I can learn and grow, but at the same time have the opportunity to keep pursuing my passion for sports. For me, sports is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life and definitely my source of joy and pride. I can really say that sports have taught me how to get the best out of me, push my limits, set the goals and work towards them, while being an inspiration for others. And this is true also for my professional life.  I deeply believe in our new strategy and am more than confident we will create the new”, said Nancy Alarcon, Group Finance.

 “After the ‘creating the new’ presentation in which Mr. Hainer announced that we should go out and do some sports, I was very happy to oblige! Right away I knew where I will be heading – to our great new climbing tower. I was pleasantly surprised to see the size of the climbing community in our company, so it was a lot of fun to climb with them”, said Jana Muenzenberg, CoE Brand Operations.

Testing the climbing tower - Kilian Schrenk
Testing the climbing tower – Kilian Schrenk

“The afternoon at the adidas climbing tower was a great experience.  A lot of beginners joined in to try this highly demanding sport and it was a great chance to get to know a lot of my colleagues. I shared my climbing skills with the less experienced climbers and in the end felt totally exhausted but really happy. I’m psyched to come back to the tower and try the harder routes”, Kilian Schrenk, Sports Marketing & PR Outdoor

“Sport is and will be my life-long passion. It makes me fit, resilient, creative and very happy. Sport is also my enabler to get the job well done. If I do sport before, during or after work, it clears my head and allows me to think about different views and ideas. There are not many companies in the world that allows you to combine sport with work in such fantastic way as adidas. Our success was and always will be rooted in sport, so it’s great to see that this is in line with our new strategy. I’m confident we have the ‘weapons’ to creating the new. Now we need a team of hungry players to reach victory”, said Damjan Stukelj, Group Treasury, Group Finance.