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On Tuesday, Jan. 13, Damian Lillard and adidas unveiled the D Lillard 1 – the first in a line of signature products designed for the point guard, which will be available at retail on Feb. 6. To celebrate the launch and reward Portland fans, Damian and adidas held an exclusive “Dame Love the Fans” event where hundreds of fans were invited to the adidas Village through social media. Not only fans were invited but also some adidas employees like me were lucky and had the opportunity to meet Damian.

You know something special is about to happen when you see 12 people waiting in line at 7am for an event when it´s in the mid-thirties. The venue was beautifully done. Red lights and huge images of Lillard surrounded you. As you walked into the first room, you were welcomed by a greeter who asked you about your shirt size, your shorts size and then your shoe size. The look on people´s faces was priceless once they found out they were going to walk away with a new pair of Lillard 1’s You could feel the electricity and excitement in the air.


When you entered the main room attendees were able to get their pic shot with their new gear as well as check out 4 Lillard 1 color waves. Sweetness! So many sneakerheads snapping up pics.

Taking in everything that was happening was euphoric and overwhelming. Music, lights and projections; a party of its own! Once Lillard came out, the crowd went wild. He had some kind words for his fans and his family and talked about how involved he was in every part of the design process. At one point he was asked to sing one of his 4 Bar Friday songs. This opened up the floor for rapper Future, which really got the crowd going.

Last but not least people had the chance to try their new shoes on the court. People who were standing in line that morning were all sitting together with big smiles on their faces. One of them asked me if I had known about them getting a pair of shoes. I nodded my head with a smile and asked if it was worth the wait. I got a ‘hell, ya’ and a fist pump.

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