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I actually can’t believe that one year full of excitement has passed by so fast. Now we are already celebrating the first year of our daycare centre World of Kids. In the beginning, I was wondering how the new place will be accepted by the kids and the parents. Will the concept we have planned work?

Will the kids feel happy in their new environment? How will the integration of the different nationalities and languages work for the kids?
To answer all these questions, I have interviewed some people who are actually using the World of Kids every day.

Shalini S., mother of kindergarten child Nandini (4 years old):

“We were in India for vacation visiting grandparents. Nandini obviously interacted with many Indian kids from the neighborhood. She was so overtly confident about being a polyglot! She told them she could speak not only English and German but also French and Spanish! Besides that she actually picked up some words in these languages, way more astonishing was that she knew about these languages and their sound at such a young age. She looks at the world map at home and is so interested in the geography, because she wants to know where her friends come from! I think it’s commendable that all these kids from such different backgrounds blend together so well and it makes them so aware at such an early age.”

Evelyn A., mother of Vincent (4 years old, kindergarten) and Tristan (1 year old, daycare centre):

“The World of Kids is the all-round carefree package for parents. It offers everything working parents need. What I particularly like is the kindergarten teachers’ dedication that goes far beyond the usual level. It is also very special how the topic of movement is implemented. The daycare centre has its own movement teacher and offers voluntary movement sessions in the gym every day from 8 to 9 in the morning. In addition, there is an indoor playground with bobby cars and the kids regularly go outside. My boys like it a lot. On the weekend, they always ask why they’re not going to kindergarten today.”

Marc Z., father of Eva (4 years old):

“What I particularly like about the WoKi are the very friendly and dedicated teachers. The diversity of the staff with regard to nationality and gender (three male teachers) is great, too. You can clearly see that there is a thought-through movement concept which is implemented in a fun way (coordination exercises, children’s yoga, dance choreography performances at the kindergarten’s summer party, etc.). Thanks to the WoKi, Eva is now an enthusiastic guitar player and gives little ‘concerts’ at home.”

Feedback from bilingual kindergarten teachers, Souzan & Mark:

“The first year was extremely exciting. I still remember the first footsteps we heard from our new children entering the building. The WoKi has people from all over the world, which makes it so rich in culture. Our parent community is just as eager as we are to make this place as brilliant as possible for our children. It’s a state-of-the-art building with an open, hands-on movement and bilingual concept. We incorporate English naturally in every activity we do with our children. The English-speaking children are highly engaged and the German-speaking children are learning English on a daily basis. By the time our children leave the WoKi, they will have a good basic knowledge of the language.”

 Feedback from movement pedagogue Christina:

“In our World of Kids, there are many rooms and possibilities for moving: we do gymnastics, romp around and dance in the little gym, in the indoor playground, in the garden and in the natural surroundings close by. The inside and outside spatial conditions offer various possibilities for kids to use their imagination, be creative and move around every day.

Integration of the different nationalities and languages works perfectly

Integration of the different nationalities and languages works perfectly

Our movement programme starts with a kick-start session in the little gym for early risers and is complemented by specific movement sessions for the respective age groups. Every hour has a different theme which is chosen on the basis of the kids’ needs and wishes and which is open to ideas and suggestions. We all – both children and adults – have so much fun running around, jumping, playing ball and pretending we are unicorns, dragons and police officers that we sometimes forget the time when we are in the little gym.
Each day you can now hear kids’ voices at the adidas Group campus, see them climbing in the jungle gym or using the bobby cars. Seeing this place always brings a smile to my face.”

Would you like to know how diverse the teacher team of the World of Kids is?
There will be more to follow on the diversity of the teachers of the World of Kids in the next blog post.