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Today we’d like to share what we are doing in the field of technology-based learning as a key enabler of the learning experience. In previous blog posts, you have already learned more about our Learning Campus philosophy, our future directionThe New Way of Learning – and also our physical locations, for example ‘The Shed’ at our global headquarters in Germany.

As a reminder, the adidas Group Learning Campus consists of three pillars:

  • A virtual Learning Campus Online, a platform for collaborative, self-driven and technology-based learning that provides access to learning anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Physical learning spaces at all locations.
  • And, going forward, the Future Workplace, the personal workplace of each employee, where learning is fully embedded in the daily work.

Similar to many other companies, we have a Learning Management System in place. This enables our employees to register for any classroom activity of their choice, complete evaluations and surveys, rate learning content and complete in-house created multilingual e-learning offerings which include trackable compliance content.
However, we recognised that we were missing some pieces to fully embed the New Way of Learning into our company culture. Classroom training brings a limited number of people together to listen to an expert and exchange thoughts. After the class, people return to their workplaces and usually the acquired knowledge fades quickly and is not necessarily shared.

The Learning Campus Online brings people together

Share your knowledge!

Share your knowledge!

What we need for our Learning Campus is a room without walls, filled with many people willing to learn, and teach as well – a kind of marketplace for learning. A place you would enter and browse around, where you would pick and choose what adds value to your needs right here, right now, ‘just in time’, and share what you think is valuable to others. And all this without the typical hierarchy of professional programmes separated into job groups.

That’s why we created Learning Campus Online. It brings all our employees together on a virtual campus – with no restrictions – and gives them the opportunity to learn about anything and teach anything. Their audience are the adidas Group employees worldwide.

We were very excited to see Learning Campus Online go live in July this year, following a successful global simulation with 1,000 colleagues in 25 countries. Their feedback exceeded our expectations and gave us confidence that we are doing the right thing for our employees.

Needless to say we are focusing on making learning accessible from mobile devices, including iPhone®, iPad® or any other personal mobile devices (Android, Windows Phone, etc.).

It’s up to you when, where and what you learn!

The key to all of this is that you decide as a learner what you want to learn, when and where. Why attend a two-day off-site classroom training if you only need to learn what’s scheduled for the afternoon on day two? Learning Campus Online will allow you to access the content you are looking for, no more, no less! And the learning content may come from an expert, from the internet or from another colleague. As the learner, you can choose how to learn – whether through videos, audio files or readings.

The Learning Campus Online

The Learning Campus Online

In a previous blog post you read about our media labs being set up. These media labs will offer all the equipment and operational support our employees need to create great multimedia learning modules on any subject they want to teach to others. The same goes for the physical learning spaces. Live activities can be recorded and made available to our colleagues worldwide, so no more missing out on anything.

Other applications on our virtual campus include a knowledge exchange forum: ask any question, get answers from the world – rate the best one. Or suppose you just had a great learning experience and you want to share this using some pictures, uploaded from your smartphone, of course. The My Story application makes them immediately available – to all employees.

You can like, rate and share content with colleagues. People will become known as experts as ‘trusted’ sources become transparent, promoting knowledge exchange and retention. And who knows, one day our fans and customers can join the conversation – other well-known social networks have started small as well …
The Learning Technologies Team at the adidas Group is looking very much forward to your comments and insights!