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The 2014 FIFA World Cup has come to an end and life in Brazil is back to normal. Hosting a global event in their country has been an exciting and enjoyable time for Brazilians!

As we did last year during the Confederations Cup, adidas Brazil was able to give kids from the Ginga Social programme access to a live World Cup experience: 36 youngsters entered the stadium with the players, carrying the Fair Play flag onto the field, and over 120 children were chosen to assist a World Cup match in the stadium of their city.

Conquer everything if you try

The flag bearers in the player's tunnel.

The flag bearers in the player’s tunnel.

For the project coordinators, the selection of the kids (as for the Confed Cup, this was based on regular evaluation of engagement with the project, proactivity and leadership) proved an excellent opportunity to showcase and reward positive role models among the group!

It was amazing to see how clearly the chosen youngsters understood that they were selected for this unique experience as a consequence of their commitment and personal development, and not as a prize they happened to win in a lottery.

The flag bearers together with Gudrun.

“This shows the other kids that you can conquer everything if you really try,” says Rafael Fialho, a young leader from the Porto Alegre project.

This year, we decided to accompany Gabriel, Ozana, Natasha, Raphaela, Douglas and Paula from Ginga Social Rio de Janeiro during their participation as flag bearers, from the day before to the day after.

It was fantastic to be with them and share this moment of pure happiness for the kids, as well as their families.

Watch this video to see what this experience meant for the kids from Ginga Social.