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Reebok is always looking for innovative ways to accelerate our mission to become the world’s number one fitness brand. About a year ago, we tapped into a consumer insight that explained why our core target group (we call it “Fit Generation”) is becoming less interested in spending vacations on the beach sipping umbrella drinks, and more interested in an “active vacation” experience. We knew that many travel companies were offering Cycling trips and Yoga retreats, but thought it would be awesome to create a “Reebok Fitness Vacation.”

Partnering with Austin Adventures

Hiking in Montana

Hiking in Montana

In April of 2014, we officially joined forces with Austin Adventures: the world’s leading luxury active trip provider. Dan Austin, the founder and CEO, shared the vision of what our two companies could create together. Austin Adventures is known for an unbelievable level of customer service and for introducing their guests to some of the most beautiful natural settings in the world. These experiential tours typically include a modest level of hiking or biking and many trips cater to families. All trips feature authentic, local, five star accommodations and fine dining. Dan Austin understood that by partnering with Reebok, we could bring a totally new element of fitness to these trips, potentially redefining the active travel industry.

I am really fortunate to be returning from the first ever Reebok Fitness Vacation “pilot trip” in Montana and Wyoming. I was joined by my two Reebok colleagues, Matt DellaValle, a CrossFit coach at Reebok CrossFit ONE, and Joe Van Buskirk from Reebok’s Fitness Marketing team. Other attendees included an employee of Xantera tours (owner of Austin Adventures), two members of the fitness and travel media and a few fitness minded adventuresome guests willing to try out this new concept. Ten guests were led by three guides – two veteran Austin adventure guides and one local fitness professional recruited specifically for this project.

The trip to Montana and Yellowstone National Park

Trail-Running alongside hot springs

Trail-Running alongside hot springs

Over five nights and six days, our jam packed itinerary logged 63 miles of trail running, hiking and white (knuckle!) water kayaking. The natural environment of Montana and Yellowstone Park became our gym. Ten guests from a variety of home towns and backgrounds, connected only by our love of fitness, quickly formed a Reebok Tribe. We flipped hay bales, launched our bodies over hitching posts, took freshly cut logs from the ground to overhead, and even pulled a 3/4 ton Chevy pickup truck across a field. If that wasn’t enough, we also did burpees and pushups on rock formations in front of a waterfall. For a somewhat more relaxing activity, the group participated in a yoga and meditation session overlooking Beehive Basin.

Beyond just the fitness itself, the trip was an incredible learning experience. We learned about geothermal hot springs on a six mile trail running tour, and witnessed the Grand Prismatic’s brilliant colors from a vista that 95% of tourists never access. Day by day, we built up our capacity to handle our fitness activities in the high elevation. This culminated on day five, with an 11 mile hike up Sepulcher Mountain, 10,000 feet above sea level, with a summit reward of some of the best views of Yellowstone.

Outdoor Workout

Outdoor Workout

Bringing the Reebok Delta to life

This trip truly brings the Reebok Delta – our new brand mark and the symbol of what our brand stands for – to life, by merging the mental, physical and social aspects of fitness. The trip might be over, but there is quite a bit of work to be done. Matt and Joe and I are stoked to work with the Austin team to build this from a pilot trip to a thriving enterprise that redefines active travel. We are planning eight trips over the next 18 months, with Montana Yellowstone as our “signature” destination.

So check out the trip details here and we guarantee you will agree that the Reebok Fitness Vacation by Austin Adventures is a truly unforgettable experience.