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In the third part about our adidas Group Learning Campus, we’ll focus on the physical campus concept. As a quick reminder: we are currently founding the adidas Group Learning Campus, our “Corporate University”, the one-stop shop for all training, learning and development offers across the adidas Group.

The adidas Group Learning Campus consists of three pillars:

  1. Physical learning spaces in all locations
  2. A virtual Learning Campus Online, a platform for collaborative, self-driven and technology-based learning that provides access to learning anywhere, anytime and on any device
  3. And, going forward, the Future Workplace, the personal workplace of each employee, where learning is fully embedded in the daily work.

As much as we embrace the digital world and see huge opportunities for learning, we do believe that a combination of digital and physical learning spaces brings both worlds together in a most efficient and human-centred way.

Today we’d like to talk more about the physical learning spaces, which we are setting up step-by-step in all our locations globally.

According to many studies and models on how we learn, such as the 70:20:10 model by Charles Jennings, only 10 % of what we learn happens through formal training: 20% we learn through other people and 70% on the job. So our focus in the Learning Campus is to reflect this 70:20:10 balance in our offerings.

Learn more about the 70:20:10 model here:

With this in mind, we are creating physical learning spaces that are different from the traditional classrooms and that focus more on social learning, on workshops and team learning, brainstorming and prototyping, methods used in Human-Centred Design. This also means transforming the existing training spaces globally into the new Learning Campus approach. As this is a culture change, we will still use our training spaces for formal training and just transform them over time as we embed and sustain the New Way of Learning.

We are prototyping this new approach in our first Learning Campus at the adidas Group Headquarters in Herzogenaurach (Herzo), Germany, where we have built our first physical campus.

This campus in Herzo, the so-called “Shed”, is a former recycling shed that we transformed into a theatre stage, a flexible and open space for learning. Here we can demonstrate and apply the New Way of Learning: with collaborative and innovative workshops and flipped learning sessions, face-to–face training, individual coaching sessions, informal discussions, lunchtime lectures, speaker series and planned or spontaneous learning events, also integrating new learning methods, technologies and formats.

And we try to spark curiosity as a main driver of learning. For example: one of the few rules we have for the Shed is that every event that takes place in there should be generally open to other employees.

The Shed also has an integrated Learning Café as a collaborative learning space, which is generally open to all employees the whole day (with free coffee/tea, free tap water and free WiFi), also featuring new technologies such as an X-box Kinect as well as Apple TV, tablets & mobile devices to casually experience new learning experiences like gamification.

Some impressions of the Herzo Learning Campus:

More pictures of the Learning Campus Herzo:

Media Labs

We’re also setting up Media Labs equipped with video & audio recording equipment, cameras, microphones, plus the essential editing software in Herzo, Shanghai and Canton.

We plan to record our own learning videos, podcasts, voice-overs, etc. and, by also providing instructions on how to use the equipment and make great videos, enable our employees to produce their own YouTube-like fast learning videos & audios.

Pop-Up Kits

Inspired by the model of pop-up stores in retail, we‘ve also developed Learning Pop-Up Kits, mobile suitcases with learning content, tools and methods. These kits are built to bring the New Way of Learning into the markets as quickly as possible – and in a fun way. The kits will be available for launch in the summer.

Personal Future Workplace

In a next step, we will expand our concept of The New Way of Learning to the personal Future Workplace. The Future Workplace is the personal workplace of each employee, where learning is fully embedded in the daily work: the way our employees work will define how they learn. This also means that we’re looking at future developments of the workplace, where our employees could be much more flexible in their working environment and style.

Or like we say in one of our learning principles: “working is learning and learning is working”. This is already being integrated together with IT and Corporate Property and Services in the workplace planning of our next office buildings. More information to follow.

  • So, what do you think of this approach?
  • Would you like to learn in our Learning Campus?
  • Any ideas on what we could do better?

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