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Stan Smith Up – rethinking a classic sneaker icon

Stan Smith Up – rethinking a classic sneaker icon

Are you obsessed with Stan Smith? I think that the Stan Smith is one of the all-time greatest. These shoes mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people including myself from trainer lovers to style setters.

Right on time for the launch of the Stan Smith to celebrate its 40th birthday, we wanted to add another chapter to this great story for Originals girls. Since the Stan Smith has always been one of my favorite adidas shoes, I was very excited and honored to be part of the project to evolve this sneaker into a beautiful high-heel shoe for women.

We wanted to catch Originals women’s attention by keeping its clean lines and subtle branding with new details relevant to today’s trends. This is how the Stan Smith Up (style name for the wedge version of Stan) was born. Since the original Stan has a perfect design already, of course we had to ask ourselves the question if it was actually allowed to change something about this shoe. The clear answer that we found was “yes”. But we knew that we had to be very careful with the adjustments and changes that we performed on the shoe. We knew that it would only work out well if we could make sure we kept the strong and timeless classic recipe of the original classic Stan Smith sneaker.

A timeless classic with a hint of luxury

The new creation has an 8cm wedge heel with a clean and simple upper of white leather with symbolized 3-Stripes as perforation. And not to forget the strongest statement of the green heel patch, just as in the original shoe. This way we kept the most iconic color of the Stan Smith (green) this time with snake leather, to enhance the value and have a luxurious detail for women.

I am very proud to be part of the history of Stan Smith. And as I am very excited about our new Stan Smith Up, I can’t wait to see the reaction of the consumers.

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  1. Nice! You should pop the wedge heel in kelly green!

  2. Hello,

    I am very confused on the materials made for this shoe. I bought both in white and black and I believe they said made in italy. Well, the stupid company sent me the wrong size and screwed me. So i went to Adidas.com and they were on there and wAy cheaper, I shouldve known because I got them today and they say made in Vietnam. Im very upset and want the ones made in Italy since they felt of higher quality:( Thoughts??

  3. how in the world do i get some stan smith fairway green backs in either womens 8 or mens 7….i would order at least 5 pair….desperately seeking the only sneakers for me