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Last month I stood on stage on the eve of the 2014 PGA Show in Orlando, Florida and introduced Hack Golf, a new, groundbreaking open innovation platform aimed at making golf more fun, for everyone.

Why? Because I love the game. Because all of us, the people at TaylorMade, adidas, Ashworth and Adams Golf love the game, and we want to see it grow. Because we believe there are a lot of people in the world who’d loved to introduce a friend, a family member, a colleague to golf and its values, lessons, and most of all, its joys.

As world-renowned business strategist Gary Hamel, the management brains behind the inspiration for Hack Golf, shared in his closing remarks on the night of our formal introduction.

Golf is fun. We want to make it funner.

In the last decade alone, we’ve seen five million golfers leave the game, and that’s out of 30 million. That’s discouraging in so many ways for our organization, and not just in the business sense.

You’re the one who knows what golf needs right now.

How do we plan on making golf more fun? Good question. The simplest answer: We need your help.

We want you tell us what it is about golf you don’t find fun.

Smash whatever holds back the fun.

Smash whatever holds back the fun.

Is it too hard? Are there too many rules? Whatever you think, we want to hear about it. Then we want you to tell us what your ideas are for adding fun. What would you do differently to make the game more enjoyable?

Why are we asking? Because our game needs to innovate. Not just its format. Not just its equipment. We’re talking about the entirety of the golf experience.

Innovation stalls when the same people keep talking to the same people. That’s what’s been happening in golf. We need fresh thinking, from anyone and everyone.

Hack Golf is a method for inviting more people to contemplate the “fun” problem, and will lead to countless ideas. You can submit yours right now — just join and start thinking and typing.

Out of all of the ideas that are proposed, by avid golfers, lapsed golfers and non-golfers, too, we think the odds are great that we’ll find some real game-changers. No idea is too big, too small or too off the wall.

Later this year we plan to take all of the ideas that were posted and choose the ones with the most promise. Then we’ll experiment with them; to find if they bring more fun, and more golfers, to the game.

Already we’ve pledged on behalf of TaylorMade up to $5 million in funding over the next five years for Hack Golf, a significant signal of our commitment and belief it’s the right path at the right time to evolve golf into the modern society in which we live.

Hack Golf itself is an experiment. Yet the potential is huge. To all of you reading the adidas Group blog: Please join Hack Golf and share your ideas for a better game.

Who knows? You just might help change the golf world.