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Congratulations! You have just started to read the 143rd post on our Blog this year. If you are a loyal reader this number might not come as a surprise to you. But if you are new here you might be asking yourself how many stories adidas employees can tell throughout the year – just as I did when I got involved in maintaining the adidas Group Blog earlier this year. I was curious to see how easy it would be to get the schedule filled. But I soon realized that we have lots of eager storytellers and an even larger number of interesting stories to share about the company and the people behind the brands. And as this time of the year is traditionally suited to reflecting on what has been, I don’t want to miss sharing my experience with our Blog year 2013 with you.

+++ With this blog post we start our annual winter break and will be back with more insights into our work as of January 7th, 2014 +++

A corporate blog’s beauty lies in diversity

Up to four stories a week, making up 143 stories in total – stories that were told by employees from various departments within the adidas Group such as HR, Operations, Marketing, Social and Environmental Affairs and IT about their daily tasks, projects they work on and their experience of being part of the adidas Group’s team However, let me now take you on a trip through some of the stories I personally liked the most.

adidas Year of Running

adidas Year of Running

The adidas Year of Running 2013: I could probably put this year in a nutshell by saying that adidas was all about running this year. Surprisingly, however, our by then launched innovative running shoe BOOST was not the only main actor. It was actually us, adidas employees around the globe, being all in for running. At the beginning of 2013, adidas employees at headquarters jumped into the “Year of Running” and kept on running around the globe throughout autumn months. Truly nice to see that the adidas sports lifestyle not only connects you with your co-workers at headquarters but with your colleagues all around the world.

Back to business and stunning insights from our employees who constantly work to improve our Social and Environmental Affairs by, for example, ensuring an effective communication with our suppliers – according to Adelina a major challenge within that business area. In a post, she shared her view about the first results from our pilot project, the “SMS worker hotline”, that enables our workers in supplier factories to communicate directly with the factory management. And shortly after, we had another reason to celebrate as the adidas brand reached 1 million yards of DryDye fabric produced: Philipp’s post about his visit to our DryDye supplier in Thailand gives an understandable overview of this game-changing technology.

Behind the scenes: shooting the Diversity Video

Let me now take you to the stories we call “On-the-Job” records, stories with a particular HR angle. We have had lots of entries, beginning with the launch of our new Retail career site or the story about the creation of our video at the national “Diversity Day” – have you checked it out already? It’s quite fun to watch. Then we got personal insights from father Jon and his experience of taking his young daughter to the newly opened child care center “World of Kids” at our headquarters and finally, a member of the Talent Acquisition team introduced the video “Make greatness happen” that tries to offer a simple answer to the question: Who are we as an organization? With lots of employees having been asked, this has led to THE five adidas values of our employees. One of these values – Originality “We come here as we are.” – was quite nicely reflected in Johannes’ post that explains why he felt  proud to represent his employer at the “Sticks & Stones” fair in Berlin this year. I think that this post serves as a good example of what our Blog is all about, namely to give personal insights about our everyday work. At this point, I don’t want to omit one of my personal highlights in my work life in the last months: the relaunch of our new corporate website. And this is not only because I have been involved in this project but also because I really love it. But just convince yourself if you haven’t done so yet.

NEO love letter

NEO love letter

Not to be forgotten– let’s have a look at our brands and the success story of adidas NEO. Read the post about NEO love if you want to understand what motivates #Neolovers to post comments like these: I don’t know how to thank you guys for what you are doing for your #Neolovers. You are giving us multiple opportunities to meet our dreams, you inspire us and help us I don’t know if you knew this. I’m a girl #Neolover I truly appreciate what you do and I am grateful for being a #Neolover. I love you guys. Finally, we have had lots of insights from our colleagues who all #livewithfire to highlight Reebok as THE fitness brand.

From Russia with love

From Russia with love

Last but not least, we had loads of stories to tell from our headquarters, such as the re-opening of our new employee restaurant “Stripes” or Elena’s experience of “making her move” from Moscow to Herzogenaurach as part of the relocation program. Talking about … Moscow! My colleague Katja shared her thoughts about a big event with even greater consequences when adidas announced its contract extension with FIFA until 2030. So even if this year has all been about running, you feel that we are slowly getting prepared for the next year …

And that’s it, the year 2013. Even if I didn’t manage to touch upon all good stories we’ve had throughout the year, you might now have an idea of the variety of stories we have to tell – and be curious as I am about what 2014 will bring. But seeing is believing! You can use our Blog Christmas break (which starts as of now) to browse through the Blog and explore all these stories.

Have a joyful holiday time and see you in 2014!