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Time to jump for joy: Justin Bieber surprises NEO fans with his appearance

Time to jump for joy: Justin Bieber surprises NEO fans with his appearance

Adore NEO. Desire NEO. NEO craziness … You name it, we are seeing a lot of love out there for our label … When it comes to NEO, you might have these pictures in your head of excited young teenagers screaming for Justin Bieber on stage, and you would of course be right, just as we saw in March this year in our Hamburg store; or more recently in China when we invited a small group of NEO fans to come to our stores and celebrate Justin Bieber coming to town. They had no idea or even expectation that he would show up … Can you imagine the craziness when Justin actually turned up for a personal appearance to celebrate with them?

But since this is just one part of what NEO is about, let me take you on a journey through the life of our teen label …

Since our humble beginnings in 2009 we have come a long way from the product offer to where we are today, moving from quite a sports-based look into a much more street/fashion look. We have created a highly desired sports fashion lifestyle label for teenagers. Easy for me and the team to say of course, we live and breathe the label day in and day out. Who better to hear this from than THE most important people NEO works with – our teenager. It is our NEO teens themselves who tell us how desirable we are.

On an almost weekly basis we get handwritten love letters

NEO lovers are spontaneously putting pen to paper and writing love letters to us, telling us how much they love what we are doing, how they have a label they truly feel a part of, how NEO is THE reason they’ve found their passion, their focus and direction for their style. In my 20 years in the industry, I have never seen anything like it, it is truly amazing.

It all starts with our consumer. The NEO consumers are teenagers aged 14 to 19. Just as NEO is the teenager of the adidas family, so, too, are our consumers. Teenagers transitioning into adulthood, emotionally driven and searching out personal inspiration. They are story tellers, always looking for the next chapter – one life, with lots of channels … They are digital natives, growing up in the age of social media who now have a way to connect with like-minded individuals, share their passion and build upon it. They hoard and share information; they are the ‘collective individualists’.

Everything NEO does, we do for our consumers

Everything we do we do for them: our young consumers

Everything we do we do for them: our young consumers

We conduct vigorous research with our insights team to understand what they want, why they purchase, what they share, and how they express themselves … By having a laser focus on the consumer, NEO offers teens exactly the products and experiences they want and can afford to buy.

For NEO, this means giving our teenagers access to the label and handing control over to them. This is what sets us apart from our competition. To do this we follow three simple steps. First of all, we get our NEO lovers involved and excited; through our heroes we showcase call to action films, tweets and Facebook posts to engage them with the NEO label. We open our label to our teens by allowing them to participate in NEO. Be it an interactive look book or a digital treasure hunt, or a styling competition on Polyvore. Lastly, we reward our NEO lovers with experiences that only NEO can provide, for example, photo editing the NEO Selena winter campaign, or styling an outfit for Selena to wear at the next photo shoot, or creating the looks that walked the NEO Runway during Fashion Week in New York.

So where are we heading to?

New store openings to come in 2014

New store openings to come in 2014

In 2014, we will launch an exclusive collection for own retail and ecommerce that further showcases NEO’s fashion and lifestyle credentials. We will open further stores in Germany, whilst also moving into new markets, in Poland and Czech Republic. We invite you all to come check out our stores, see our new collections and experience the NEO love.

We know that NEO’s future is bright. There is global desire for the NEO label. With a laser focus on the consumer, we have created a desired sports fashion lifestyle label for teenagers. Our products and prices are on point, our retail experiences are relevant and our simple consumer-centric marketing strategy drives NEO lovers from all around the world into our stores.

There it is, the recipe for NEO love

NEO lovers looking forward to the next year

NEO lovers looking forward to the next year

We enable teens to live their style, we are on a journey of DISCOVERY, testing the limits and finding our edge, we live in the NOW, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right NOW. We are FRESH – confident, rebellious, new and bold, authentically unique; and of course we are YOUTHFUL – passionate, energetic, never standing still …

It’s a simple formula, it’s not rocket science, but it works. It creates NEO love in all of us. In 2014 and beyond we will continue to follow this successful approach.