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Ok, understood

We are moving.
Move with us.

It’s finally here: the new digital magazine we’ve been dying to share with you. Join the huddle to make work life better, more inspiring and fun.

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This blog is no longer maintained.

When you visit our corporate website as of today, you will find a new world waiting for you; a world where content, channels and people go hand-in-hand; a world which will help you find the content you need in the most personal, informative and intuitive way possible. Curious? Rightfully so, I think. But wait, before you go and explore, let me give you some background first.

Avoiding artificial content categorisation

Traditionally, content is organised by companies’ internal ownership structures and by target groups – which makes sense internally, but not so much to the people the site is really built for: you. So, we decided to put “you” first to give you the bigger picture of our company by avoiding artificial content categorisation. In other words: whether you are a consumer with an interest in our environmental activities, a job-seeker or an analyst searching for detailed hard-facts on our financial performance, we will leave the decision which content is interesting and which is not to you.

From channel to canvas

From now on, the central element will be the website’s homepage where we aggregate related content from various categories and channels to highlight important or trending themes. You’ll be offered related content from all different kind of areas and channels, no matter where you are on the site. In addition, we have also reviewed, recreated and reorganised all content on this site and will continuously populate all areas to provide the most information in the best way possible.

Trust comes through transparency

Above all, one goal remains: to build trust in our company. Your trust in us. And trust comes through transparency – an approach you will find come to life on our website. With this, I invite you to take a step into our (new) world and check it out for yourself:

Please come back to this blog post and leave a comment if you have questions or comments. Let us know what you like – and, yes, also what you do not like. The site is built for you and, even though we have a pretty clear idea what it should look like, we see the potential for evolvement and will certainly consider any feedback we receive. Enjoy our world.