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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking more and more about the opening of the ‘World of Kids’, the adidas Group’s new child care centre at our headquarters in Herzogenaurach. As both my wife Nadine and I work for the company, it seemed to make sense for us to take our daughter Martha there. We’d already decided that it was important for us to bring Martha up speaking both English and German, so that she can effectively communicate over here in Germany and to my relatives back in the UK. The World of Kids offers a truly bilingual experience, which I think will form a vital part of her upbringing.

A couple of days to go … “Will she like it?”

Martha - curious about how her first day will be

Martha – curious about how her first day will be

As the days leading up to the on-boarding sessions became fewer, I found myself becoming more and more apprehensive; after all, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a kid being left at nursery without bursting into tears. Monday, September 16th soon came around and it was left to Nadine to take little 14½-month old Martha to WoKi, as it’s already known (we love acronyms and abbreviations here!). As you might imagine, I was pretty nervous and my fingernails were taking even more of a pounding than they normally do, but to my surprise, it turned out Martha loved it! Over the course of the rest of the week, Martha, together with her mum, continued the process of acclimatising to her new surroundings, and I can happily report she’s still a huge fan.

A new building for the youngest members of the adidas family

World of Kids: one of the adidas Group's latest additions

World of Kids: one of the adidas Group’s latest additions

The building that houses WoKi is one of the adidas Group’s latest additions, situated right next to Nadine’s office, which is particularly handy. Having seen the construction from beginning to end, I’ve been curious to see what it actually looks like inside. Yes, I’d seen concept drawings, but it’s always nice to see the final results first-hand. I’d been given the heads-up by Nadine that it was modern and not quite what you’d normally expect of a nursery or kindergarten; but when I did finally get to have a look around last Friday, I have to say I was pretty pleased.

World of Kids: new home for kids next to their parents' office

World of Kids: new home for kids next to their parents’ office

The central hallway, from which all classrooms are accessible, is modern and open. Martha is in the ‘Bird’ class, so to begin with, my attention was focussed purely on the facilities made available to her. The classrooms are brilliant! There’s an assortment of things to keep young minds happy, as well as a bathroom/changing room for the (unlucky) staff to deal with the usual abominations a child of that age can create. Finally, there’s a small resting room for when everything gets a bit too much and the kids need to get a bit of shut-eye.

Opening ceremony: handing over the keys

Opening ceremony: handing over the keys

Having had a good look around at the little gym, the little (bilingual) library, the little kitchen (!), the little theatre (alas poor, Yorick!) and the Bobby Car race-track outside, it was time for the official opening hosted by Herbert Hainer, CEO of the adidas Group. Once the speeches were over, parents and children were given the chance to mingle and to continue exploring. I had a chat with a couple of the employees there, and now, after my initial reservations, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I’m overjoyed to have little Martha enrolled at the World of Kids.

The adidas Group on its way to become an ever more family-friendly company. How do you like the idea?