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This blog's objective is to give you personal insights into our business in sports.

August is a challenging month for parents in Germany. While schools and kindergartens have holidays, most of the parents – and I am one of them – still need to work and often have difficulties finding a suitable child care opportunity for their children. The Work-Life Integration department has an offer for adidas employees – an opportunity to send their children to the adidas Kids Camp in Herzogenaurach for up to three weeks in August. As I am part of the organizing team and also my own child took part in the camp this year for the first time, I would love to share this year’s Kids Camp highlights with you!

Summer, sports and fun

The adidas Kids Camp has been in existence for quite some time now and it takes place every year in August in a private school in Herzogenaurach. The school has excellent facilities for the camp: a stadium for football and other sports, an indoor hall for rainy days and – a great favourite with all children – a swimming pool. The facilities are spacious and therefore allow many activities in the camp.

Spending time on the playground during one of many sunny days.

Spending time on the playground during one of many sunny days.

Due to the fact that this year there were twice as many places offered in the camp than in previous years, a record number of 131 children took part in the camp. Also for the first time ever, the children were divided into two age groups: 3-6 and 6-10 year olds. This new set-up made it possible to help more adidas parents in need of child care during the summer holidays but also allowed the teachers in the camp to create an age-specific environment and a programme for the children for these three weeks.

Great activities around three different mottoes

Each of the camp weeks had a motto. The themes this year were “around the world in five days”, “detective search” and “life in the farm/forest”. While the teachers came up with a great entertainment plan for both of the groups that included a lot of fun activities around these three mottos, each of the groups also had a different focus.

The teachers of the small children’s group offered a mix between a kindergarten setting and a camp. They organized a lot of activities in the camp while at the same time keeping the set-up simple and helping the little ones to get comfortable in their new environment. They baked doughnuts, made conical Asian hats and African animals’ masks, went on a treasure hunt, had a visit from a real farmer with real pigs and, when the weather allowed, even an afternoon swim in the pool.

Experiencing adidas

The older group also did a lot of activities around the three themes – made boomerangs and Olympic medals, baked muffins and pizza, had a beach party, played limbo and much more. However, the older group had a more active focus. Since it is an adidas Kids Camp, the older group also did a lot of sports. They played football, had a table tennis tournament and Olympic games, played water polo and other sports. Each of the weeks also had a few highlights: trips outside the camp. They visited the World of Sports and went through the Walk of Fame, did sports at the adidas stadium, visited the outdoor forest park near Erlangen, explored ice-cream making in Café Carlo in Herzogenaurach and went to the forest. All the children really enjoyed the camp.

Always a very popular activity among the kids - playing football.

Always a very popular activity among the kids – playing football.

My own daughter also had a great time in the camp. The start in the new environment was a little rocky since she is still young. Age three, she just made it to the camp, but the teachers were comforting and after a few days she was enjoying the camp so much that at the end she even wanted to stay for an extra week. It was nice that she had the opportunity to make new friends and meet other “adidas children”. Since the camp was also very international, I was really happy to see how my daughter realized that she is not the only one with a “multilingual world”.

Coming to a conclusion

As a mother, I have to say that this is a great offer from the company and having this opportunity to bring my child to the camp when the kindergarten is closed for summer holidays helped me a lot. As an international employee with a family abroad, it is tricky to organize the holidays so that no extra holiday is needed and the local grandma would not get overloaded with babysitter duties. For this reason, we will certainly take advantage of this offer again.

Once again this year, the adidas Kids Camp had many reasons to celebrate.

Once again this year, the adidas Kids Camp had many reasons to celebrate.

All in all, as an organizer and a mother it was a great Kids Camp experience and I am looking forward to an even more successful camp next year!