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Welcome to the adidas group blog

This blog's objective is to give you personal insights into our business in sports.

A few months ago, we (the Global Consumer Insight department) introduced our pure consumer engagement and insights platform: the “adidas Insiders” community. The Insiders enables us to get a constant inflow of thoughts, feedback and ideas to understand our consumer better every day.

Last January, we launched one of the most exciting contests we’ve ever done on this platform: our Insiders had the chance to put themselves in the shoes of an adidas designer. Seriously, who would not like to be an adidas designer?

Starting the process

Basically, we asked the online community to design a graphic for an exclusive adidas Insiders Tee that would then be produced as a limited edition.

The “Insiders Tee contest” was not only one of the most exciting projects we’ve ever launched, but also one of the hardest to put together. We had to go through a long process in order to get this done.

The first step was to determine the terms and conditions of the contest, as there are always legal issues with intellectual property when it comes to using the design of others. In the meantime, we worked on a real “Design Brief”, with stories and themes to give our Insiders inspiration for the graphic design, such as “Create an impact”, “We are the Insiders”, etc., to make sure that this T-shirt would represent the community and adidas.

There can only be one winner

Our community members got very creative and we were happy to get a lot of great submissions. Once all participants had uploaded their design, an adidas jury consisting of five senior adidas designers picked the top four submissions for the final voting. It was really hard to choose the top four designs, but we knew that there could only be one winner.

Finally, after the adidas Insiders members had cast their votes, we got the winning design and started the production of the T-shirt.

Right now, we are sending the 100 limited-edition adidas Insiders T-shirts to the most loyal and active Insiders.

If you are wondering what the top four Insiders designs look like, please click through the picture gallery below and make up your own mind!

So, if you want to get in touch with the brand and be part of the creation process with adidas, follow the link below. We have some really exciting activities coming up soon – see you inside