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Welcome to the adidas group blog

This blog's objective is to give you personal insights into our business in sports.

What started as a random interest became a pivotal part of my life. At 29 years old, I’ve worked in eight different countries and studied in three different ones. Eager to experience new things, I embarked on different experiences that brought me from consulting in South-East Asia, to sales in Brazil, passing through Business Development in Nicaragua.

I needed to put all these different experiences together in a way that made sense. For that reason, I joined the MBA at ESADE Business School, which allowed me to put different learnings (or puzzle pieces) in a whole clear set-up. It was just made to happen; the Business Management Program (BMP) of the adidas Group came along. Diverse international experience put into practice in different departments and at different regional offices…

One can’t deny that the adidas Group is a truly global, multi-channel and total company. From Supply Chain to Sales, or from multi-brand clients to own stores, or from Herzogenaurach to Tokyo, adidas is all over the place. The Business Management Program aims to provide this global understanding of the adidas world. Thus I feel the adidas Group and the BMP are the perfect fit for me. Here are my top 3 reasons why every second is worth participating in this program.

During one of my many adventures abraod, always equipped with a travel guide.

During one of my many adventures abroad, always equipped with a travel guide.

In order to better understand my point of view it might be helpful to know a bit more about my personal BMP journey: it allowed me to discover in one year, first the own-retail world from a global perspective and six months later the multi-brand one from a local point of view. Furthermore, half a year later, I dived into Marketing, but for the Reebok brand this time, at its European offices in Amsterdam. How cool is that, uh?

That said, here are my top 3 reasons why every second is worth participating in the BMP

1. Understand multiple perspectives

Besides the travelling and induction into different parts of the adidas business, one very interesting part is to realize and understand the differences in points of view for the same business issues between the global eye and the local office one. It might be that in Herzogenaurach the direction should be A, while for the local perspective exactly the same issue should be approached from Z. The BMP gives you the ability to understand both the pros and the cons from both sides and hopefully, one day, to be able to take the optimal decision.

2. Learn to synchronize different needs

The same happens when engaging with two different revenue businesses or two different brands. Each one pushes its unit to the direction that better impacts its business. For instance, learning about Own Retail and then about Key Account Management and Franchise is totally priceless. Identifying potential synergies among them and reaching further efficiencies for the overall benefit of the company may sound difficult, but it’s definitely achievable. Also in this case, the BMP allows you to experience both revenue generators and not only this, but also from different brand perspectives (adidas, Reebok, Rockport, TaylorMade, Five Ten…).

3. Find out what’s best for you

What is next? Next is what best suit you, what gets the very best out of you and what makes you wake up every morning with a smile on your face. In a year from now, I believe I will be able to make that call thanks to what the program is all about: having a holistic understanding of the adidas Group´s worldwide business.