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A collaborative experiment by kicking off a ‘Blog Carnival’

We’ve seen a lot of change over the past years, not only with the popularity and influence of social networks and tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, etc. With new generations of employees coming in, we have also seen new approaches and trends emerging in the work place and society at large. For example, over 64% of our over 48,000 employees already belong to the so-called ‘Generation Y’, meaning born after 1981 (read more on this topic here).

With this, we are seeing new trends in collaboration, knowledge management and learning – in the way people work together, share their knowledge and experience, and also how people develop and learn. Read on to learn how you can help us to adapt to these new changes.

We, at the adidas Group, always try to embrace changing conditions. In order to attract the best talent and develop and retain the right people, we are looking into finding a new way of working – and, especially, a new way of learning. The overall goal is clear: to further achieve sustainable and superior results.

Our vision of a capabilities incubator

Corporate learning at the adidas Group

Inspired by the Cluetrain Manifesto, open knowledge initiatives like TED conferences and open education movements like edX of MIT and Harvard University and others, we have decided to work on founding an adidas Group Corporate University. We want it to serve as a capabilities incubator to create innovative and engaging learning environments and solutions for present and future generations. It will enable our employees to achieve their personal best and set us apart from our competitors.

To this end, we believe we need to further and more drastically transform the company into a learning organisation by creating a culture of life-long, self-driven learning in a collaborative environment: an environment in which all employees equally teach and learn, and acquire knowledge and skills in a variety of ways to best suit present and future generations – “I LEARN, WE GROW”.

Let’s collaborate!

We are at the very beginning of founding such an adidas Group Corporate University, and it will take some time to achieve all of our goals. However, as a first step towards establishing this new way of working and new way of learning with an open and collaborative approach, we started last week by crowd-sourcing ideas internally with all our employees for the concept of a Corporate University.

We would now like to take this one step further and include as much external knowledge and experience as possible by inviting you, the readers of this blog, to share your opinions and link your thoughts on this topic by posting your comments and blogs in a so-called ‘Blog Carnival’.

How can you participate?

1. Comment on this blog post.

2. If you have your own blog, post an article or video with your personal statement on the New Way of Learning and link it to this article. Questions could be, amongst others?

  • What should a true Learning Organisation look like?
  • What is your vision of a Corporate University of the future
  • What are the challenges of corporate learning and how would you approach these?

3. With all comments and links, you can jump from blog to blog and thus participate in the virtual ‘Blog Carnival’.

In order to also allow for a regular and convenient conversation on the blog, and to make it easy to keep track of the shared links, we will highlight some of the contributions directly in the blog post.

Let’s celebrate ‘Blog Carnival’ now!