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Transparency as a key value in sustainability reporting

Transparency as a key value in sustainability reporting

Today is the launch of Performance Counts: 2011 Sustainability Progress Report. The word ‘progress’ is key to understanding our approach this year: by focusing on our performance on the path to achieving our 2015 targets, the report assesses the progress we have made towards becoming a more sustainable company. It takes a close look at the milestones we set ourselves for 2011 and how we have done.

According to our CEO Herbert Hainer and in addition to reviewing our progress for ourselves “we also want to meet society’s evolving expectations of business practices. These include our responsibilities towards our employees, the people who make our products, the environment and the communities where we operate”. Therefor one of this report’s goals is to further improve transparency. Being open builds trust and we have nothing to hide.

In my role as an External Communication Manager for the adidas Group’s Social and Environmental Affairs team I have spent many hours in the last weeks and months setting up and assembling the 2011 Sustainability Progress Report. To make the report as comprehensive and insightful as it is many employees from all different departments within the company had to contribute. These colleagues’ dedication and passion showed me one more time that Sustainability really matters to the adidas Group. Now I’m really excited to receive feedback from you and my colleagues. Please feel welcome to leave a comment about what you think about the report below this post.

As the report is addressing first and foremost sustainability experts, let me share a couple of highlights already here and now. In addition to that the re-structured sustainability website will give you a nice overview of our activities and initiatives. So here are the highlights:

Did you know that…?

  • We publish a list of all our suppliers who are making products for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Over 90% of adidas Games products and 100% of Volunteer uniforms contain sustainable components.
  • Our direct suppliers are improving their performance in complying with our Workplace Standards – and we can measure the difference year-to-year.
  • We are at the forefront of developing an industry-wide system to measure the overall sustainability credentials of apparel products and nearly 20 products from adidas, Reebok and Rockport were tested in a pilot exercise.
  • 10 adidas Group major sites operate certified environmental management systems, including the adidas Group Headquarters in Germany.
  • We want to see more women in leadership positions in the company and to get there, we are looking to increase the number of women in management development training courses this year.
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  2. Hi Nicole – I wrote today an article about the progress report on Triple Pundit. I thought you might find it interesting:


  3. Frank Thomas (Moderator)
    May 11, 2012 4:24 pm

    Hi Raz,
    thanks for sharing. I like that your article is very balanced as far as I can judge. Nicole is not in the office but I am sure she will get back to you beginning of next week. Have a nice weekend!
    Best, Frank

  4. Nicole Sieverding
    May 16, 2012 11:13 am

    Hi Raz,
    thanks for sharing your article with us. It definitely is interesting to read and I agree with Frank that the content is very balanced. I have directly commented on your blog and provided some further information in response to the areas you highlighted. Thanks for engaging with us!
    Best, Nicole