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Welcome to the adidas group blog

This blog's objective is to give you personal insights into our business in sports.

Do you put much thought into how light and endurable your running shoes are when you are tying them on for your next run? Do you wonder why your adidas Outdoor jacket keeps you warm and dry at any weather when you pack your backpack for your next trip? Probably you don’t – and you shouldn’t have to. Most people just expect products from adidas to meet their own and their sport’s requirements – and that’s the way it should be. Therefore we invest a lot of time and energy into thinking about such questions in order to come up with products which help you achieve your personal peak performance. An important aspect to make this mission come to life is to choose and develop the ideal materials. In order to create the best possible conditions for this process, we just recently opened an all new materials studio in Laces. It is literally a treasure chamber.

With a wide range of materials, new innovations, and structured filing systems, this studio promises an inspiring space for designers and product developers alike.

The new materials studio brings together the elements we identified in the planning stage – Creative, Commercial and Ease of Use – in a perfect way. The consolidation of Footwear, Apparel and Accessories materials into one facility allows the creation teams to explore a broader spectrum of creative opportunities and to be inspired by other product types. The studio houses the libraries, the seasonal toolboxes as well as areas that are designed to bring out creativity and innovation – all clearly defined for ease of use. The search for materials, components and trims is faster than ever before and there is always help at hand.

This is a sea change compared to our old “libraries” which were much smaller, crowded and basically converted meeting rooms! Creating the customised studio has been a significant financial investment, and for that, on behalf of all users, I would like to thank the company for the support.

Thanks too to all those, whose efforts have resulted in such a wonderful space – especially the Material and Innovation teams of Footwear and Apparel and Accessories, and Facility Management.

Check out the picture gallery below to see what the new material studio looks like.