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Recently, we have been informed officially that the adidas Group has succeeded with the so called “ISO 14001 certification” of its headquarters in Herzogenaurach and Indianapolis.  As these were the last in a row of adidas Group locations which got certified, this is another milestone in the adidas Group’s Environmental Strategy. Read on to learn more about the ISO 14001 certification and its relevance for the adidas Group’s overall Environmental Strategy.

This strategy’s overall target is to reduce our relative environmental impact 15% by 2015 and it adopts a holistic view, taking all areas of the adidas Group’s business into consideration, be it the value chain, the product creation or our own sites. When it comes to the latter, we are talking about a project called Green Company. It is an environmental programme run at our own offices, warehouses, distribution centers and our own production sites – around the globe. It aims at providing the supporting framework, guidance and communication platform to help all Group entities improve their environmental footprint. The Initiative was launched in 2008 by our CEO Herbert Hainer and targets amongst other things for very practical achievements. You will find some of the most important Green Company targets and some recommendations how to accomplish them in the picture gallery below. Maybe these recommendations can be an impulse for you, too.


What is the ISO 14001 certification all about?

That said one of the main targets within the Green Company Initiative was that all our Group and brand headquarters should be certified to the international environmental management system standard ISO 14001. The certification does not dictate environmental requirements but serves as a framework to assist organizations in developing their own environmental management system.

Our individual ISO 14001 system focuses on the operational aspects of the local sites and their buildings and installations; in doing so we train ourselves and our employees in approaches that are leading globally. These are approaches that will support us well in our overall Environmental Strategy work, too.

Within a short period of time, we have succeeded in building and implementing the prerequisites for the ISO 14001 certification which now has been granted for all our Group and brand headquarters. Our headquarters in Herzogenaurach was by purpose the last location to get certified as we wanted the newly constructed building “Laces” to be included in the certification process, too (read more about the building here and here).

All in all, the following locations are now certified within the same system for ISO 14001:

  •  adidas Group headquarters, Herzogenaurach, Germany
  •  Reebok North America and Rockport headquarters, Canton, MA, US
  •  adidas North America, Portland, US
  • TaylorMade-adidas Golf, Carlsbad, US
  • adidas Montreal, Canada
  • Distribution Centers in Spartanburg and Indianapolis, both US


All brands of the adidas Group, working together in one unified system

What we are especially proud of is the fact that we have all our brands working together in one, unified system. This is exceptional in the industry. The internal collaboration has been at its best and the global one-system approach has proven highly successful.

The environmental area is an area where a global, multinational corporation like the adidas Group, with a comprehensive product portfolio and a complex supply chain, needs a clear approach in order to tackle the most important issues.

A systematic approach to assessing and approaching environmental impacts, risks and opportunities is crucial if a company wants to do the right thing and do it well.

The adidas Group has got it right and we are proud to welcome the newly certified locations Herzogenaurach and Indianapolis into the system.

However, all these achievements wouldn’t be possible without the commitment and dedication of the entire workforce. Whilst I’d like to thank each and every employee, I’d like to highlight representatively a couple of key-players and ISO specialists with the picture below.

Some of the adidas Group's ISO specialists

From left to right:

On the sofa: Anna Hieble, Detlev Reckert, Sonja Peter. Standing: Andreas Dietrich, Manfred Gumbert, Peter Huber, Susanne Gast, Robert Pospischil