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Welcome to the adidas group blog

This blog's objective is to give you personal insights into our business in sports.

More content, more stories, more context

At the beginning of 2011, the adidas Group decided to revamp its existing Social Media Guidelines (SMG) by adding more content and more stories. In addition to providing some basics about the use of social media externally and our internal social software, we presented SMG cartoon couple Sue Social and Media Man. What could adidas Group employees worldwide expect from the new, “old” guidelines?

Since 2009, the SMG have been the adidas Group’s code of best practice when it comes to the appropriate use of social media tools within the company and in the name of the company.

And though they remain employees’ first source of reference when it comes to entering the 2.0 world, we have added a few basic explanations which should support employees in their adidas Group and private role in the social media world.

Our cartoon heroes Sue Social and Media Man guide all employees through the Social Media Guidelines “Reloaded”, introducing them to:

  • The ten golden rules in the social media world
  • Popular errors about social media
  • The main tools
  • The story of collaboration and sharing
  • Why the adidas Group encourages us to learn about the use of social media

The message stays, the style is new.

The story

Sue Social and Media Man - adidas Group Social Media Guidelines

Sue Social and Media Man

When Sue Social is about to enter the social media world with her new smartphone, Media Man appears. He is the great hero who wants to protect Sue from the supposed dangers in the unknown world. Instead of understanding the benefits of social media and the fact it is here to stay, he starts a battle which he is losing. Finally he realizes that Sue doesn’t need to be protected and is not afraid. She is happy to make the best use of it by sharing and enjoying and hooks up Media Man into the next step of communication and collaboration.

Foster the ability to share and collaborate

As you will see, we strive more for content which should guide and encourage users to embrace the opportunities of social software instead of setting up rigid rules. This approach is in line with the kind of attitude we would like to foster amongst employees, in particular as we are piloting a social intranet integrating communication, collaboration, information and networking management on one platform. We believe that the success of a social intranet will not only depend on usability and technology topics, but first and foremost on the ability to share and collaborate across departments, countries and brands.

What do you believe is important when it come to social media guidelines?