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adidas Group websites target of criminal cyber-attack

adidas Group websites target of criminal cyber-attack

On November 3, 2011, the adidas Group found out that it was the target of a sophisticated, criminal cyber-attack. Our preliminary investigation has found no evidence that any consumer data is impacted. But, while we continue our thorough forensic review, we have taken down affected sites, including adidas.com, reebok.com, miCoach.com, adidas-group.com and various local eCommerce shops, in order to protect visitors to our sites.

Since learning about the issue, we have put in place a number of additional data security measures. The changes reflect enhancements to the high standards consumers have come to expect from the adidas Group and its brands. Following the implementation of these additional data security measures, we started relaunching our websites on November 6, 2011.

Nothing is more important to us than the privacy and security of our consumers’ personal data. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.

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  1. Hi team,
    I’m enrolled at DeVry University (online campus). I’m currently taking an ethics course. As an online student I have to post threaded discussions for my classmates and professor to read. This week we are discussing the topic of whether we would boycott buying clothes from companies that abuse their workers in foreign countries. Our professor posted a comment from one of her former students because she lived in Honduras and was familiar with the sweatshops (maquilas). The cost of living is very low. She said the abuse was bad in the maquilas. I have purchased Adidas shoes for the past 20 years. I play tennis and run. Your tennis shoes are the best on the market (my opinion). The fit is good and the soles last forever. When I did my own research online about the maquilas in Honduras, I came across an article dated 23 August 2011. I have attached the website: Can you give me an update on this article. It would really be cool posting your comment to my professor and classmates. Thanking you in advance for your feedback! Mary Lee

  2. Hi Mary Lee,

    Thanks for reaching out to us and for sharing your thoughts, glad to hear that you like our products and seem to be a big fan of our tennis shoes!

    Regarding your questions: as a responsible company, we only conduct business with those who work in a fair, honest and responsible manner. We have procedures in place to ensure those employed to make our products are paid and treated fairly. You can find out more about these procedures in the sustainability section of our website: http://www.adidas-group.com/en/sustainability/suppliers_and_workers/default.aspx

    I am sure you’ll also be interested to read a recent blog post from Bill Anderson who is heading up Social+Environmental Affairs Team in Asia and who will be a regular contributor to our blog going forward. Here is what he wrote back in August – stay tuned on his future posts: http://blog.adidas-group.com/2011/08/sir-is-the-adidas-group-sustainable/

    Should you have any follow-up questions after reading through all this material please feel free to reach out to me directly via mail (katja.schreiber[at]adidas-group.com).

    Best regards from Germany,