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Last Friday was a real fun day here at the adidas Group. You come to work on a Friday morning and almost everybody is wearing a tracksuit – okay, I work for a sportswear company and the way people dress for the office at the adidas Group is quite casual anyway, but still… tracksuits are not what we usually wear to work…

November 4th, 2011 was the official (inter-) national Tracksuit Day. National Tracksuit Day returned this year for the 4th time and was born through an initiative from adidas America. Here at Herzo and also at other adidas Group locations everyone was invited to wear a tracksuit to work on this day.

It was really funny and entertaining to see so many of your colleagues wearing colourful tracksuits at work, plus it was my impression that it further improved the sense of community on the campus.

Also the internal communication team asked everyone to strike a pose and to share it on a special adidas Group Tracksuit Day internal website. Here are some of the pictures taken by adidas Group employees. Check them out!