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A couple of weeks ago, I published the post “An exploration tour through adidas’ brand-new creativity centre ‘Laces'”. By capturing some opinions of adidas colleagues, I was trying to give you a brief impression of what it is like to work in the new building on a daily basis.

In the meantime, a lot of external people, visitors and media ambassadors have had the chance to visit the new building and many of them have put their thoughts “to paper.”

Read what bloggers think about “Laces” (click on the relative headline to see the original post):

kadawittfeldarchitektur: adidas laces” ( zone

“The five-storey structure provides an additional 1700 workstations arranged along the building’s zigzagged footprint and interconnected across a central atrium with a  series of elevated pathways, punningly referred to as ‘laces’. The criss-crossed circulation stitches the distant offices together, allowing employees to cross the spacious volume via catwalks to access distant areas within the building.”

New adidas Laces Research and Development Building” (

“The adidas brand is characterised by permanent development, as it was in the days of the company founder Adi Dassler. Innovations don’t happen by chance, however, and they happen not only in the development department but every day, when employees apply their minds, are committed and collaborate with passion on the creation of new products.”

Adidas Laces 2011 | Büro Uebele” (

Signage system at the Laces

“The name “laces” has a metaphorical value, capturing what the building says about the networked communications of a globally active corporation – a market leader in the development of sports goods and apparel. Movement is the essence of sport – and movement also defines the design language: turbocharged typography runs through the new adidas design centre. It is also reflected in the typeface of the signage system: fast and light, it leaps and bounds across walls and balustrades, its form vibrating and altering in the process.”

adidas Laces” (

On top of the Laces' roof

“Added value in contrast to conventional office typologies, the ring structure developed by kadawittfeldarchitektur lends to the building a double relationship to the landscape – both to the outer surroundings and to the communicative landscape of the atrium. The connecting walkways, “Laces”, efficiently open up access to all office areas without the need to cross through other departments. At the same time they transform the atrium into a creative center of the building that provides an identity.”